Florida Driver’s Information Sold

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When you go for your driver’s license at the DMV the last thing you think about is your personal information being sold.

According to a report released by the State of Florida, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles made about $62-million dollars.

They made that money by selling personal information of Florida drivers to companies like Lexis-Nexis and Choice Point, which conducts background checks. Information gathered include your full name, address and driving history.

We went out to speak with people in the Panama City area to see what they thought about their personal information being sold. Many didn’t even know their personal information was at the mercy of the state.

Christina Van-Dyk, “I didn’t know that and didn’t like the idea because I really don’t want other people knowing my information.”

Robin Hicks, “I don’t think it’s right, I think they should disclose if that’s the situation. You have to fill out forms and sign everything to get your driver’s license and that should be something that should be disclosed at that time.”

Although selling personal information is legal, the law says companies are not allowed to use that information to create new business. State officials insist they do not sell social security numbers to these companies.

via Florida Driver’s Information Sold.


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