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Is this man Satan? Or is he simply an envoy of Satan? Satan, the dragon, has many faces and many heads. And not all the heads are blood sucking flesh eating monsters. Some faces of the dragon smile, and lick the hands that feed it.





Here are some of the faces of Satan, some of the individuals who through greed, malice and a complete lack of judgement, devoid of insight in what they are creating, are combining their individual DNA-helixes, the imprints from a whole-super group of participating multi-national corporations, in the creation of the machine.

Here are the names, the dates, the places and the support system, where they are now creating the monster. They are NOW, at this very moment, busy with their global campaign to create this monster. We have to be aware, we have to start organizing, for the time will soon come – a time where we will be completely under the spell of this thing, this machine thing.


BRETT KING:” Understand one thing. Customers are not going back to the old ways of branch banking. They are moving forward. If you are not moving forward with them, then they will pass right by you—at warp speed. Engagement Banking is now. Get moving, or watch the customers move out-of-the-way and onto a competitor. “


Brett King is the Author of the Bestselling book Bank 2.0, founder of Movenbank, and strategic advisor to the global financial services and banking sector. A high-energy, high-impact speaker, reputed to demand speakers-fees of between $ 20 000.00 and $ 40 000.00 per engagement, King has spoken at events globally for some of the world’s best known brands and at some of the biggest global events – Oracle, Google, Microsoft, Leo Burnett, ABA, IASB, TEDx, SXSW, SIBOS, TAB, and many more…

He is an International Judge for the GSM Global Mobile Awards, Asian Banker Retail Excellence Awards and for the Middle-East Business Achievement Awards.A keynote speaker at leading global events for financial services and innovation, King is an acknowledged expert on innovation, customer experience and channel distribution strategy. He publishes regularly in his role as industry advisor on Huffington Post, Internet Evolution, FinExtra and his own personal blog has been featured on Bloomberg TV, BBC, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Banker, The Economist, The Asian Banker Journal, SBC (Greece), etc.

King has recently founded the world’s first pure-play mobile bank based on NFC (Near-Field Communication), social media and user experience. The tag line for Movenbank is “No Paper, No Plastic, No Fees”.King also runs User Strategy, a boutique consultancy focused on improving customer interaction for leading financial services companies and businesses. King previously led the Asia division for Modem Media/Digitas (part of the Publicis group) and the E-Business service line for Deloitte (Financial Institutions Industry focus). His clients include HSBC, Citigroup, UBS, Standard Chartered, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, EmiratesNBD, BNP Paribas and many more.


Bank 2.0 Brett King’s new book, BANK 2.0 – How customer behavior and technology will change the future of financial services, exposes the massive flaws in the retail banking system due to dramatic shifts that have taken place in customer behavior. The Bank 2.0 Keynote presentation explores the forces that will shape the way we interact, pay and trade in the 21st Century.

Brett King believes, that Institutions who hold on to the belief that physical branches remain at the core of what the brand does, will not easily adapt easily to the customer of tomorrow who rarely visits a branch, or the customer who sees no need for an over-the-counter transaction with cash or checks. Those who still classify the Internet, ATM and Mobile phones as alternative channels will be playing catch up for the next decade, while intermediaries will increasingly capture niche service opportunities,

Brett King built the research and methodologies for BANK 2.0 over 10 years working with some of the biggest names in the business including HSBC, Citibank, Standard Chartered, EmiratesNBD,BNP Paribas, UBS and others.

Whether a banker, an entrepreneur or a consumer of financial services BANK 2.0 is an entertaining keynote that challenges the very concept of what banking means in todays changing society and will challenge your audience to rethink long held traditions that are challenged by rapidly changing customer behavior.

Key Takeaways

Learn about the evolution of consumer behavior within the finance industry that has started with the internet, and have rapidly accelerated with the recent phenomenon of Blackberry, Social networking, the iPhone. Understand the Key issues that choke the development of innovation across organizations, but more importantly learn how to identify the quick wins that can justify improvement programs. Examine the trends, innovations and technologies that are likely to have the most significant impact on financial services and consumers over the next decade. From social networking and mobile technologies, to the massive disruptions to traditional media and advertising, looks at the forces shaping the way we interact, pay and trade in the 21st Century. The Big Shift What happens when the fundamentals shift and everything you understood about the way we do business is flipped upside down! Most of our business models are based on physical interactions, processes that occur face-to-face, and value based on presence – but what happens when the fundamentals of consumer behaviour shift. If you don’t yet understand the Big Shift then it is likely you and those around you still perceive changes like the arrival of the Internet, SmartPhones, Mobile Payments, Social Media and Networking as the progression of technology adoption.But what if there was more, much more to these changes? What if they formed the basis of something fundamental and when seen collectively they foretold much bigger and more significant changes in the future. In this exciting keynote presentation Brett King, the author of the recent global bestseller BANK 2.0 will change your view of customer interactions forever.

Learn about the three phases of behavioural disruption:

How Social Media can empower or shatter your brand ambitions.
How modality tends towards simplicity through more usable interactions.
How the adoption rate of new technology innovations is actually speeding up.

You’ve heard of the Oracle of Delphi, now meet the Oracle of Banking. Brett King has done an incredible job coalescing mountains of news and rumors surrounding the banking industry and various technology innovations into a reasonable and likely roadmap for customer adoption of future banking products. Bankers and credit unions beware: if you don’t adapt your customers will find someone better! Be prepared for tons of great information, and a pleasant dose of that famous English wit. And if you really want to build a successful short-term and long-term technology strategy, don’t forget to follow-up Brett’s presentation by reading his book: Bank 2.0.


Brett King BANNED AFTER BEING CAUGHT in DIPLOMA FRAUD and CYBER CRIME PHISHING SCAMAAFM ® American Academy of Financial Management ® Expulsions Discipline and Terminations – March 2009 – Consumer Warning about counterfeiting PHISHING and cyber crime. Former employee staffer – Brett King Caught


Something rotten in the state of Denmark?  Strange how the above bio of Super-Brett is suddenly shattered completely when you take the Scandal with the American Academy of Financial management into account?

The AAFM® Certifying Board has terminated and banned any relationship with the Previously recognized webmaster, sales associate or event organizer, Mssr. Brett King.  Mr. King was caught stealing websites and selling fake diplomas for cash using the name IAFM and IAPM . We are all saddened by these crimes, and the AAFM Certifying Board was forced to terminate any relationship with King and suggested that he seek legal help. Fortunately, King quit before it was required to FIRE him for his crimes. King was printing the names Steve Wylie and Brett King on the fake certificates diplomas

King’s name is stricken and banned forever by the American Academy’s ® Supreme Tribunal of Justice and Board of Presidential Advisors. Mr. King confessed in a signed and written legal document that he has NO rights to use any copyrights or trademarks of the AAFM Board and AAPM Board. The AAFM Board legal and compliance office is happy to send a copy of this legal document to anyone who needs it.

The AAFM ® Global Legal Compliance Office put out a member press release stating that, “Our global board of standards and members from over 150 countries are deeply saddened by the unauthorized activities by the formerly recognized sales associate and webmaster Mr. King. We are also saddened that Mr. King is signing these fake documents using the names of Geoff Baring and Steve Wylie.


iafm & iapm should not print, sell or issue any document, certification, charter, diploma or degree to innocent victims.  International Phishing Warning: All authentic certifications from the AAFM Certifying Board must have the mark of the AAFM USA registered agent as per the Founding US company Charter.  If you receive a Phishing email from a phony rebranded “IMPOSTER” company called IAFM, please report this fraud to the authorities immediately.  Fake companies outside of the USA that sell training certificates online from the Middle East or Africa or offer unauthorized training and phony member toolkits are not recognized by the USA Parent and Founding Company.A Fake company such as the may be trying to contact customers to illegally and fraudulently collect money while fraudulently using the names of North American AAFM Leaders.The formerly recognized Dubai Training offices have been closed and the authority has been transferred to several government recognized Companies. The USA Founding company does not endorse, recognize or authorize any activities by previously recognized sales persons, WEBMASTER, staffs or event organizers in Dubai.

We wish former sales persons the best in finding employment but we urge them to stop printing fake or counterfeit certificates…International Quality and Productivity Center IQPC was a former vendor of the AAFM but may be selling unauthorized certificates and diplomas at this time without the permission of AAFM


Under the Auspices of  the International Academy of Financial management, which has ostensibly found Brett King guilty of fraud according to their website,  Brett King still had no qualms suddenly considering himself to be Proff.King.  In a world where real academics  do at least 5 years post PhD work in order to get the coveted tenure as professor,  Brett somehow became IT by crowning himself.

The American Academy of Financial Management’s new chapter will provide professional development programmes in various core areas.

TARGETING TALENT: Prof. Brett King, vice-president-International, American Academy of Financial Management. The American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM) has launched its graduate and executive programmes in India. Its newest chapter in south India has been opened at Jaya Group of Colleges as exclusive provider of AAFM’s programmes.

Last week, the AAFM began a training for trainers to embark on a comprehensive process of localizing its programmes, and presented the charter for the chapter to the Jaya Group’s vice chairman, K. Navaraj. The chapter president would be the group’s chairman, Prof. A. Kanagaraj, said Brett King, vice-president-International, AAFM.

According to Prof. King, the key programmes being introduced in the Indian market are: Chartered Wealth Manager: The economic boom is producing wealth and there is need for wealth managers, retaining and increasing wealth. Banks, insurance companies, individual financial advisors are some wealth managers and our programmes target them. Our strategy is not only to bring knowledge here but also take back best practices. International diploma in risk management: There are three types of risk — operational risk (for corporate, finance and service sectors), credit risk (stock brokers) and market risk (banking sector). India’s emerging market needs to focus on maintaining a strong risk prediction and management department.

Corporate Finance and Business Management programmes: A series of management programmes such as the MBA-style Registered Business Analyst and Certified Cost Controllers programme are all being introduced.  Prof. King says the key focus of the programmes is improving skill levels of its learner group members. “As we target people in the industry, there are some existing levels of core knowledge among the learners. Our programmes seek to sharpen their customer relationship skills, communication. The idea is provide them how to create assessment criteria, improving decision-making ability. “For example, our cost controller programme seeks to create financial leaders within corporates — people who can improve efficiency levels and set targets for different groups and distribute costs more efficiently,” he notes.The move into India is an important initiative for the AAFM, he says, as there is a desire among candidates to achieve U.S.-based globally


recognised professional certification. “We’ll also see a strong demand from banking, IT and outsourcing sector for our in-house professional (customised) development programmes as a way to boost internal competencies,” Prof. King says.

The AAFM is a worldwide financial professional organisation with members across 100 countries and alliances with over 560 business schools in the world.


As one of the leading proponents of the machine, Brett King is a dangerous individual. His brutal ambition, his relentless self promotion, and his ability to snake charm the media, coupled with his glib use of language intended to package the totalitarian neural (black box) decision-making systems that dehumanize financial institutions even further whilst pushing us into the dark future world of connectionistic, cybernetic artificial control , makes him someone to watch. He probably has no idea how dangerous his own glib solutions to banking  is to the future of humanity. Beware of the machine.

As an individual who is labouring to replace the soul of man with the hum of the machine, Brett King takes no prisoners. He is hungry for approval, and passionately desires to be a great intellect. In the process he became a glamour seeking con artist selling books produced by advertising agencies, pitching on behalf of the producers of the great neural systems,  and milking the great fat corporate cow for every penny its got. in the end, he has been bought at a discount.

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