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There are more than 450 million English language blogs in the world today. If we include  Mandarin Chinese, there might be more than 1 billion blogs.  Granted most of these are not very active, and a great many have been abandoned, even then we are still left with so many blogs, that it’s almost insane to start a new one Most likely, no one will ever read you.

People generally start blogs in order to  be heard, but more often than not, being heard becomes such an obsession that the message is completely forgotten. Many blogs start out with the aim to communicate very specific information and end up in a race to generate visits,   even if they have to change their message to succeed.   Hence the world of repeaters out there. It is an open question how many blogs exist that do not simply republish existing stories “to their friends”.

This blog, will have to be very different from the mainstream if it is to succeed in being read  instead of being visited by  Google spiders and cyber hoppers. First off all, we do have a very serious message to convey. We believe our message is more important than the   possible financial rewards that compel some bloggers to  chase ad-counts instead of readers.

Secondly, in honour of Kurt Vonnegut’s 8 Rules for writing fiction, we will try to respect our readers by using their time  ” in such a way that he or she will not feel the time was wasted.”   We aim to be to the point, well researched, innovative in our interpretation, and mind numbing in our predictions.

Thirdly, we need to voice a real danger that is as yet still completely ignored by the media.   We face real and present danger in America, and the rest of the Western World and we need to get the conversation started quickly as  the   age of unlimited computing power starts to dawn on us, and threatens to destroy any fabric of freedom we still have left.  What we have to say is extremely important.

Furthermore, our blog will deal with multiple fields. We will endeavour to show the ramifications of unfettered computing power and “black box” programming,  the dangers of Connectionism, (which is a set of approaches in the fields of artificial intelligence, cognitive psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience and philosophy of mind, that models mental or behavioral phenomena as the emergent processes of interconnected networks of simple units). There are many forms of Connectionism, but the most common forms use neural network models.

This is the age of robots, but not robots of the physical world – robots of the mental world. From climate change to the collapse of the mortgage market, from your medical aid to your private bank account, everything is already infested with these artificial robots of the mind, devouring all the information available about you, and churning out predictions about your behaviour and your allocated future to willing corporate buyers. As we speak, your behaviour is leaving a cyber footprint, and as we speak you are being followed by little cyber spiders that are predicting, and thereby limiting your future as a choice between alternatives offered to you by the consumers that buy the predictions about you from these little robots. In a certain sense, we are already doomed, but there is still time to stop this madness, to stop the fallacy of mathematical modelling coupled by neural networks and data mining.

Are you interested, then keep reading. We will use this space to cultivate our own, and our readers understanding of this world just under the surface , just behind the scenes, that is the cause of the mayhem, but is never rewarded with the responsibility for its consequences.

  1. Exciting mission! I blog about being Vonnegut’s biographer, if you’re interested, at “Writing Kurt Vonnegut”


    Charles J. Shields
    And So It Goes: Kurt Vonnegut, A Life (Holt, November)

    • It’s a real pleasure to meet you. I have a hate-hate-hate cannot ignore relationship with Mockingbird/Lee and a more kindred spirit I wish with Kurt V. I visited your site, found real enjoyment in it.

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